The Rise Of New Volcanic Water Company Waiakea

Baby Boomster said that Waiakea water is a new and upcoming company that is providing bottled volcanic water to thirsty customers. The company was founded by Ryan Emmons, a graduate of the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

He founded Waiakea water in Hawaii in 2012 because of his familiarity with the state due to his youthful summer and winter vacations there and discovering his family had access to the water on the Big Island.

He formed the company with three main purposes in mind; provide a uniquely healthy and tasty water, engage in being socially responsible, and do it in an environmentally responsible way.

Emmons has commented that it was difficult as a younger person to get into the bottled water industry as everyone else in it is over the age of 50. Due to this he had to form relationships with other young entrepreneurs in the business and this helped inform him about new ways to succeed in the business.

Since founding the company at the age of 22 he has grown the company by over 4000%, going from just 2,304 cases of water sold a year to over 122,000. He has steadily built the stores that his water is sold in and today that includes such national grocery chains as Whole Food.

According to Specialty Food, The water that Waiakea water collects comes from a source fed by rain and snow on the active volcano Mauna Loa Volcano. The water passes through hardened lava rock within hours and picks up rich minerals along the way such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

The water also has healthy amounts of electrolytes and alkalinity which support the body and fight against osteoporosis. The water is packaged in Hawaii and a facility in Long Beach, California; the emissions put off by the transportation are offset by how the water is prepared and packaged.

The bottles they use take 85% less energy to manufacture and are made entirely from recycled plastics.

Fulfilling the third leg of the premise of the company, social responsibility, is fulfilled by the donations that Waiakea water makes to impoverished people in Africa. For every bottle that they sell they make a donation fo 650 ml of clean water through a partnership with PumpAid.

So far they have donated over 500 million liters of water to farmers and rural community members in Africa.

A Woman’s Guide To Healthier Hair Treatment

These days shampoo does not have the same appeal that it had in the past. People are more health conscious and expecting more value for the money they spend on hair care products. Better alternatives have been developed and they produce greater results. Read further and find out why cleaning conditioners have been sought after.

For the readers that don’t know cleaning conditioners, which others may associate with “no poo” shampooing were developed to improve on where shampoos fell short. As most people should know by now, shampoos contain toxic ingredients that can really damage the hair and scalp. If used repeatedly the user could suffer from hair loss and cancer. On the other hand, cleansing conditioners offer better options.

When used properly conditioners may rejuvenate hair effectively. Deep cleansing can be done without stripping the hair of what it needs. It doesn’t matter whether the hair is processed-colored, dry or damaged. Hair follicles and scalps will receive as much hydration as they need to grow healthy and strong. Good conditioners are free of sulphates and silicones. Users will find that by using this type of product consistently that less effort will be needed to strengthen the hair and restore it to a more youthful condition. The end result will be a more attractive and confident woman.

Recently an intelligent entrepreneur, Chaz Dean developed a brand called Wen by Chez. Based in Hollywood, CA the company is now a success dominating the hair care market in the area and satisfying the needs of Hollywood residents. What does that mean for individuals that are not up to speed on the brand and the benefits? A careful analysis of the product revealed that it is free of toxic ingredients like Sodium Lauryl and Diethanolamaine, which can cause cancer. The company’s exceptional reputation is owed to the natural fruit extracts in the cleaning conditioner, 60 day money back guarantee and U.S. based manufacturing.

As mentioned above shampoos have proven to be health hazards. Taking this into consideration, it is not hard to see why consumers are flocking to safer and healthier products like cleaning conditioners. Free of toxins and yet full of natural ingredients that give hair the nourishment it deserves thanks to brands like Wen by Chaz.

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Benefits of Hiring An Event Planner

If you’ve got a huge event coming up and don’t know where to start, you may have considered hiring an event planner. However, there are a few things to think about before finding a professional who can truly make your event come together. Keep these factors in mind to pull off your event successfully.


First, think about the reason why you want to have the event. Before you even think about how much the party will cost you, identify your objective for the celebration. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, want to throw an anniversary party for a loved one or are having a professional soiree to raise money for a charity, be clear on what you want to accomplish before hiring an event planner.


Next, determine exactly what you want the event planner to help you with. Do you need someone who will decorate the venue for you? Are you looking for an event planner who will find the venue for you? Are you searching for a professional who will book the entertainment for you? Once you know what you need an event planner for, you can get the services you need while staying within your budget.



Twenty Three Layers are the event planners in NYC that can help you pull off a event that people will be talking about for months to come. The company offers several services that will make your party and event professional and effective, such as branding services that will both promote the event and give your company a positive reputation.


Event planning companies in New York City like Twenty Three Layers can also provide all the entertainment and hosting services you need to make your event successful. The Twenty Three Layers team can also connect you with decorators and caterers who can provide the ambiance and meals that help to bring a successful event together. For additional information, visit


Fabletics’ Unique Marketing and Merchandising Strategies.

Fabletics is co-owned by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. The company which began producing clothing in July 2013, gained fame through a unique advertising hype by the three entrepreneurs. The firm is an online based retailing company that offers its customers unique customized clothing at affordable prices. It began by selling women’s wear in sports and accessories then expanded to selling men’s and children’s wear. Kate Hudson stated that her aim of launching the company was to provide women with fashionable sportswear that adhered to the ever-changing fashion trends at discounted prices.



Fabletics has managed to maintain a top position among its competitors using unique and modernized marketing strategies that leave a lasting impact on its clients. A majority of the firm’s commercials entail a footage video shot by Kate Hudson using her phone, and other interactive advertising videos. Since 2013, Fabletics has launched several new companies across the United States such as in the Mall of America, Southpark Mall, Summerlin Shopping Center, and Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Kate Hudson revealed the company is set to open more stores in the next five years in addition to its current 75 to 100 stores across the United States and Europe.



To beat more fashion companies, Kate Hudson’s marketing and merchandising strategy include an online subscription mechanism to sell clothing directly to its customers. The method ensures that Fabletics is not limited to sale platforms and agencies such as Amazon that control 20 percent of the fashions industry’s e-commerce. According to Gregg Throgmartin, the general manager of the firm, the membership method allows Fabletics to sell on-trend wear at half the price of their competitors. Fabletics likens itself to iconic companies such as Apple and Warby Parker that use the membership methodology to sell items to its customers. Every year, Fabletics records an increasing return on investments and a growth of 35 percent. In 2016, Fabletics announced its plan to open additional stores in Florida, Illinois, Hawaii and California with the use of the year’s high revenue.



Fabletics manages to maintain its sale in revenue by ensuring that customers who visit their physical stores are members of their online e-commerce website. Also, prospective visitors receive guidelines on how to sign up for the site’s subscription. Fabletics revealed that having a local store ensures that they keep up with the demands of their customers through hosting events and other activities for interaction with their clients. Another strategy that Fabletics uses to satisfy their customers is stocking items that are regularly preferred by their customers and representing them in both their online and physical stores. Dustin Netral, the SVP of operations, stated that the firm conducts regular tests to obtain store heat-mapping data that is used to meet the needs of the customers. Fabletics aims to provide their clients with top-notch services of fast purchases, smart marketing, and innovative subscription options. They revealed that they would continue redefining themselves in the industry using acquired data science, exclusive wear, business oriented technology and creativity of their ROI based media.

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Bernardo Chua Proves Business Success Around The World

The former North American head of the Gano Excel direct sales company has recently proven just how successful his business model is by completing a new range of expansion options that will see Organo find a firmer foothold in Europe to aid in its continued growth.

There is a lot to admire about Bernado Chua’s extensive business and philanthropic career, including his ambition to bring the multi level marketing industry to North America and Europe.

The development and establishment of Organo is the latest in a prolonged period of success Bernardo Chua has enjoyed after starting his career as a general employee of Gano Excel.

It was during his time with Gano Excel that Bernie brought his experience and belief in the power to provide good health of the Ganoderma herb found in mushrooms from a small area of China; the need to bring this amazing herb to the lives of as many people as possible has driven Chua to establish Organo as a provider of healthy coffee and lifestyle products.

The expansion of Organo into Turkey allows Bernardo to link areas of Asia, Europe, and North America from a single location that is also the traditional home of coffee drinking, according to PR News Wire.

Integrity in bringing an active lifestyle and hope for the future to entrepreneurs, young people, and consumers alike is the driving force behind the work of Bernardo Chua and Organo.

PRWeb reports the business model of bringing a healthy form of success to the people of the world saw Bernardo awarded the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal; the philanthropic work of the Philippines born head of Organo has seen him provide his own range of personal skills provided through the impressive OG Foundation.

In providing an active lifestyle in terms of both the body and mind of each individual Bernie often looks to provide motivational speeches and seminars for young people who he hopes will find the inspiration to better themselves in business and their personal lives.

The Affluent Life of Tony Petrello

Tony G. Petrello is one of the most important trendsetters in the world. He is an ambitious man who has fought all the hardships to prove himself in the business market. Tony was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries in October 1991. Anthony Petrello previously had a successful streak of more than twelve years at the law firm Baker and McKenzie. His managing credential was spotted while working there and was promoted to be the managing partner of their New York offices back in 1986.

Tony is a varied individual and has served in various companies and different capacities on His sense of responsibility towards the welfare of the society led him to be the director of Texas children’s hospital. He was promoted to being the leader of

Mr Petrello is a bright individual and obtained a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School. He had earlier attended Yale University where he successfully graduated with Bachelor of Science and Masters in Mathematics. Reference:

From his extensive experience and skills, Tony helps business by providing operating tasks, strategic planning enterprise on Bloomberg and direction hence enabling the Company to alter and grow in a dynamic competitive environment.

Anthony Petrello grew up in a humble and loving family. It was at this tender age that he learnt on how to respect everyone in the society. Those who grew up around him say that he took pride from helping others and ensured that everyone was smiling whenever he left a place.

Anthony Petrello was elected in 2013 as the top best-paid bosses. In 2014, he was one of the favorites to defend his title but settled for top three. When he took over as the boss, Nabors share price increased by more than one hundred and eighty percent, this is good news for the company but compared to the paychecks and bonuses he took, it led to an uprising from the shareholders thus had to reduce his paycheck.

As the chairman of the Board, Leader and Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has led to an incredible twenty-seven million dollars in returns. Of that total, one and half million dollars was received as a salary, seven million dollars was received as a bonus, sixteen million dollars was awarded as stock and one million dollars came from other types of compensation.

Madison Street Capital Fostering Organizational Excellence.

An international investment banking company, Madison Street Capital is committed to upright leadership, and service in providing corporate financial consultative services to privately and publicly owned businesses. According to Madison Street is that they understand the criticality of the finance and is able to take action efficiently and tenaciously to the opportunities. Their approaches develop corporate transactions that mutually benefit both the business owners and investors. Armed with knowledge, experience and relationship to equals the sellers and buyers, as well as that are equivalent to a suitable financing and capitalization composition to every different situation that the client has.



According to Madison Street Capital the approach that the company applies indicates significant expertise in various areas of corporate finance, these field ranges from mergers and acquisitions, valuation, specialized financing, deal structuring to design and implementation of different exit strategies. In many years the company has assisted many clients in various industries verticals to reach their goal in a timely manner. The reasons they are the leading financial advisory services provider is because of their experiences and understanding in areas of corporate finance and corporate governance. The company have a global reach with offices in North America, Asia, and Africa, this global presence provides equal to local business relationships and network.



Madison Streets capital is committed to building strong business within communities around the United States. By dedication to its clients need and philanthropic support to companies such as the United Way. Madison Street Capital reputation has improved because of its different approach and working diligently to leave a long lasting impact on the local communities and global society.



In its service to the communities, Madison Street Capital has specialized in several services that make the company become reputable for offering excellent services to its client. For example, it offers Corporate Governance, according to Madison Street Capital, effective corporate governance is connected to external factors that include marketplace commitment, regulatory compliance as well as the relationship between shareholders management and Board of Directors. The firm works directly with Special Communities and Board of Directors to develop and implement appropriate processes, policies, and practices aimed at developing transparency and oversight in the entire organization in relating the values of all the participants.



Madison Street capital understands that restructuring or reorganization of client service is important to improving the efficiency of the company. Operational and financial issues caused by external and internal factors can lead to a critical liquidity crisis that thrust the company to the brink. Madison Street Capital succeed in the spotting and implementing the appropriate strategies to maintain the value of the crisis ensued business while at the same time addressing the lenders and creditors interests. By offering this service to its clients Madison Street Capital is able to save many companies from winding up due to a financial crisis.

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Refinance With Ignition Financial

When we think of refinancing, we typically think of home refinancing but a real opportunity for savings also exists by refinancing your auto loan. Many people get their auto loans through the dealership from which they purchased their car. These dealers are often allowed to markup the interest rate in exchange for selling the loan. Markups can be from 2% to 4% which result in a higher monthly payment for the consumer. But, the dealer markup is not the only reason to refinance your vehicle. If, when you first applied for the loan, you were considered a subprime borrower, chances are you’re paying a high interest rate, possibly up to 12% APR. It’s not unheard of to hear of 18% APR rates for those with poor credit. It doesn’t take much to be considered a subprime borrower. If you have less than perfect credit, you were likely put into that subprime category. Oftentimes circumstances change during the course of a few years. Maybe you received an increase in salary, maybe your credit score has inched higher; whatever the reason, you probably qualify for a loan with lower interest.


If you drop your interest rate by even only a couple of points, the resulting savings is in the hundreds of dollars. One of the big questions is; how do you go about refinancing your automobile loan? Fortunately there are firms which connect the consumer to the right lender. These firms will shop the best rate for you and explain exactly what the savings and benefits would be with your new loan. When you are ready to say, “slash my payments”, a recommended firm is Ignition Financial. Here you get the expertise and experience you need to make the most of your refinance.


While lowering your interest rate and thereby your monthly payment is the number one reason to refinance your automobile, another benefit is that you may be able to shorten the term of your loan. For example, if you took out a six year loan and have made three payments on it, it may be possible to convert that to a five year loan with lower interest. You do need to make sure to have a company like Ignition Financial on your side to help you navigate the terms and get you the best deal.


Wealth Solutions Steps To Create Strong Financial Futures For Clients

Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions based in Austin, Texas, ha a goal of bringing a positive and noticeable difference to the lives of those who invest with him. He has always felt a pull in the world of education, his wife and grandmothers were teachers who showed him how teaching people could forever change their lives.

Richard combined that love of sharing knowledge with people with his natural aptitude for finance that includes numerous certifications including CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS, and has created Wealth Solutions, a company that helps and teaches people to handle their finances, invest, and prepare for their futures.

According to Wealth Minder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is an Investment advisory firm that aids clients in growing, managing, and protecting their financial assets with the help of the Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions. Blair built the company with the key idea that everyone needs a solid financial plan for the future, and he knew he had the tools to help people achieve that.

Wealth Management has a simple goal, discover peoples long term financial goals and teach them how to manage and invest to meet those goals. The company fulfills those goals through a three pillar process that has shown to be incredibly successful.

The first pillar is to create a financial roadmap. It shows the clients goals, risk tolerance, places for growth, and strengths, then uses that information to create a plan that will help achieve financial goals.

The second pillar is to create a long term plan that will meet all the needs of the clients. Wealth Solutions takes the information they have obtained about their client and follows a personalized plan that accounts for the clients liquidity needs as well as goals in investing. Wealth Solutions reallocates assets as well as manages them to create a maximum financial return.

The third and final pillar is to meet the clients insurance needs. For a client to truly succeed at long term planning, Wealth Solutions creates insurance safety nets including financial planning for long term health care, life insurance, and annuities. This ensures the client is financially taken care of as long as they possibly need.

Talk Fusion: Video Marketing Has Never Been Easier

While creating video emails sounds complicated, it’s actually quite easy with Talk Fusion. Simply upload a prerecorded video or use a webcam and with Talk Fusion intuitive interface, add one of their professional templates and then, click to send. Some business owners might cringe at the thought of getting in front of the camera, however, videos of product demonstrations or assembly instructions don’t require business owners to put their face in front of the camera.

The Florida-based company began when Bob Reina could not email a video because his email provider said the file was too large. He and IT expert Dr. Jonathan Chen created Talk Fusion with video email as their flagship product. The company grew and began offering other marketing solutions and today, Talk Fusion serves businesses of all sizes in 140 countries.

The impact of Talk Fusion’s video communication products has to be seen to be believed. Founder and Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina knew that once companies and charitable organizations realized how easy it was to communicate via video, they would see how Talk Fusion’s highly-effective products would enhance their marketing efforts. Imagine a humane society charity making email appeals with a video of dogs and cats needing help. Reina knew that once companies and organizations see how engrossing video is compared to text and images, they will continue with Talk Fusion after their 30 day free trial ends.

In addition to video email services, Talk Fusion offers video newsletter, video chat and live meeting services. Reports allow business owners to track consumer engagement so that they can see how many more people share content when it is in video format.

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