Talk Fusion: Video Marketing Has Never Been Easier

While creating video emails sounds complicated, it’s actually quite easy with Talk Fusion. Simply upload a prerecorded video or use a webcam and with Talk Fusion intuitive interface, add one of their professional templates and then, click to send. Some business owners might cringe at the thought of getting in front of the camera, however, videos of product demonstrations or assembly instructions don’t require business owners to put their face in front of the camera.

The Florida-based company began when Bob Reina could not email a video because his email provider said the file was too large. He and IT expert Dr. Jonathan Chen created Talk Fusion with video email as their flagship product. The company grew and began offering other marketing solutions and today, Talk Fusion serves businesses of all sizes in 140 countries.

The impact of Talk Fusion’s video communication products has to be seen to be believed. Founder and Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina knew that once companies and charitable organizations realized how easy it was to communicate via video, they would see how Talk Fusion’s highly-effective products would enhance their marketing efforts. Imagine a humane society charity making email appeals with a video of dogs and cats needing help. Reina knew that once companies and organizations see how engrossing video is compared to text and images, they will continue with Talk Fusion after their 30 day free trial ends.

In addition to video email services, Talk Fusion offers video newsletter, video chat and live meeting services. Reports allow business owners to track consumer engagement so that they can see how many more people share content when it is in video format.

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Kenneth Goodgame Builds Marketing Bonanzas

Today’s commoditized world demands expert sales ability, that can be applied in the most effective way, and that’s exactly the kind of expertise Kenneth Goodgame brings to the table. The Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Company has greatly increased the probability of success, while boosting sales profits and earning a stellar reputation. This expertise is based on more than two decades of experience helping to surpass marketing goals and build brands.

Goodgame dissects and strategizes what works and what doesn’t. The highly acclaimed sales and retail merchandising expert knows the inner workings of finding the best combination of product packaging, pricing, positioning and promotion that encourages consumers to buy. From competitive strengths to controlling costs and always knowing the competition, Kenneth Goodgame understands how to manage the entire process effectively and efficiently. Not to mention, he has a compelling vision that motivates employees to be the best at what they do.

Goodgame Dominates Sales and Marketing

Known for his driving ambition and high standards, Kenneth Goodgame has transformed a slew of institutions into company giants. Rubbermaid, Black and Decker, and Home Depot are just a few of the mega-sized familiar companies Goodgame has worked for. Prior to True Value Company, he was appointed Global Materials Manager at Ace Hardware, subsequently boosting sales and productivity. Believing that infection reducing micro-fiber cleaning products were a bigger asset that most people believed, Goodgame built Rubbermaid Cleaning Products into a marketing behemoth at hospitals. Still being used at hospitals today, these micro-fiber cleaning products are but one example of Goodgame’s vision and passion for results.

“It’s crucial to create enthusiasm and encourage employees to develop skills and tackle challenges,” says Goodgame. This type of forethought demonstrates his ability to motivate. He stresses the value of a solid foundation to grow a successful brand. Investment in people, products and customer service all lead to profitability and Kenneth Goodgame is a blockbuster among marketers.

Eric Pulier Starting To Turn Heads With Next Moves

If you happen to see someone do something nice and for the benefit of others, then you think that person has done a good deed. Having a reputation of doing good things is harder to come by, however, as it can truly be difficult to put others first on a constant basis. At the end of the day, however, there are absolutely some individuals who will be considered saints or at least great human beings who have taken their knowledge and efforts and have put others first. For those individuals, society can only hope that they continue to do great things over time and help to influence others with their abilities to do the same.

One of the specific individuals who has already made a significant difference this far in his life has been Eric Pulier. Not only has Eric Pulier made significant changes for the good of society, but it is extremely important to realize that he is just getting started as well. As more and more people start to see Pulier’s accomplishments they aren’t just flabbergasted, but rather they are simply amazed at how it could have even happened. There is truly a tremendous amount of work that goes into creating even a single organization, project, or a platform, but for someone like Eric Pulier his multiple efforts and spin-offs have just continued to grow.

Aside from starting small with specific solutions that help others, Pulier has seen his projects do everything from helping sick kids to code and communicate to being able to get involved in the healthcare administration and law. His organizations not only attempt to help people, but truly to just leave everything else the way that they have found it. It is for that reason that many people have started to flock to Eric Pulier and wonder how they can help as well. Keeping all of that in mind it is fairly certain to see why Eric Pulier has continued to be able to create even more solutions. It is only when you can have quality leadership that you are able to attract others, and Eric Pulier is using his leadership as well as his passion to make the world a better place.

With John Goullet, Diversant’s Continued Growth is Assured

Diversant LLC, commonly referred to as Diversant is an African American owned Information Technology (IT) solutions firm that has grown to surpass many of its peers. The company’s clientele is made up of Fortune 500 and the mid-market customers in certain industries across the United States. Among the services that Diversant offers are information systems project management and staffing, mobile and application development, web solutions and much more.

Founded in 2005, the company is currently a market leader boasting full certification as a minority-owned business. Some of its core values are ethical behavior, respect for others, professional development and disciplined teamwork. These values would partly explain its sustained ascendancy.

More importantly, the success of Diversant can be rightly attributed to the excellent and professional leadership of its Principal Executive, John Goullet. It is universally accepted that the quality of a company’s top management is a key determinant of its success or failure. For this reason, John deserves some credit for the success that Diversant has so far achieved.

Going by his career history, John is set to transform this firm even further and take it to greater horizons. One can comfortably be certain of this because in all the previous positions that he has held, he has achieved tremendously. For example, he successfully founded and grew Info Technologies, a company that was later to merge with diversant forming what is today known as Diversant LLC.

Academically, John is not a simple person. He is a graduate of the prestigious Ursinus College where he spent four years beginning in 1979 to 1983. According to John, teamwork and customer satisfaction are key to business prosperity. He says that a successful business venture has to embrace diversity because in addition to promoting creative thinking, it encourages innovation and the result is practical solutions to all kinds of problems.

Indeed, a good leadership of a firm cannot yield stagnation or failure; it can only yield success and growth.

Get Familiar With Actress Crystal Hunt

Not every young actress has the soap opera accolades, Hollywood credentials, and professional performance resume of Crystal Clarese Hunt. From sunny Clearwater, Florida came a little girl who grew into a star on the rise with an amazing early career boost as a pageant contestant when she was only two years old.

Crystal Hunt would then escalate with performing ambitions by putting her attractive appearance and acting ability to use in television advertisements. Among the marvelous entries on Hunt’s TV commercial list is spot with Justin Timberlake and his famous band NSYNC in an anti-drug commercial. Crystal was also able to shine brightly in a 25th anniversary ad for the Walt Disney Company.

This golden blonde gem showed audiences and the entertainment industry that no matter the size of the screen, from home television programs to feature length cinema attractions, she was here to stay. Her dive into daytime soap operas became a premium platform for her acting chops to break through to the next level. On the legendary series “Guiding Light,” Crystal Hunt honed her cultivated craft as Elizabeth Lillian Spaulding between 2003-2005 for 23 episodes.

It was during her final year on “Guiding Light” that Crystal proved her worth to the entertainment business by earning two huge award nominations for her television performance.

Hunt extended the value of her performance portfolio by appearing as Stacy Marasco on 152 episodes of the soap opera classic “One life to Live.” From the small screen to the tall screen, there was also Hunt’s foundation formed in motion pictures. Take a look at the 2007 romantic comedy “Sydney White and the family sports drama “23 Blast” and watch her natural beauty morph into those roles.

The name Zac Efron should certainly ring a bell. They were co-stars of the 2005 drama “The Derby Stallion.” Another previous cast member of Hunt’s is the A-List talent Channing Tatum who shared the screen with her in the provocative comedy drama “Magic Mike XXL.” This is truly a fantastic start to a career that is just getting started.

Avoid Long Visitation Lines At Prison With Securus

During put away in jail is incredibly difficult, not only on the person going to jail but also on that inmate’s family. They do a very good job of stripping your rights away inside prison. They make it incredibly difficult to communicate with the outside world, with limited access to television stations, the Internet, and to friends and family.

And one of the biggest hassles to a family with a loved one in prison is visitation. Depending on the prison, visitation can take a very long time. Crowded prisons always come with long lines on visitation days and robust security checkpoints make those lines even longer. It’s also quite embarrassing to go through some of the high level security that prisons enforce these days.

That’s where Securus Video Visitation steps in. Securus Video Visitation is used just like Skype, Facebook messenger or any other virtual meeting program. It allows the inmate and the inmate’s family to visit during scheduled times over the Internet through a secure connection.

Securus Video Visitation can be used every day in order to allow your loved one in prison to join your life. They can be there every step of the way, from the kids first day at school to the family getting a new pet. And it is a much more viable way to stay in touch with each other than through physical visitation alone.

No longer do you have to worry about missing your visitation time frame. No longer do you have to worry about being made to feel like a second-class citizen going through tight security at the prison. All you need to do is create an account and set up a time to visit with your loved one and Securus takes care of the rest.

Imagine the time you’ll save.  You can spend all their time with your loved one instead and you can bring the whole family along. And more people can visit with your loved one because it’s easier for people in the neighborhood to come over your house than it is for them to travel to the prison and go through security. This convenient technology is helping prisoners and their families all over this country. Take advantage today.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.