Kenneth Goodgame Builds Marketing Bonanzas

Today’s commoditized world demands expert sales ability, that can be applied in the most effective way, and that’s exactly the kind of expertise Kenneth Goodgame brings to the table. The Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Company has greatly increased the probability of success, while boosting sales profits and earning a stellar reputation. This expertise is based on more than two decades of experience helping to surpass marketing goals and build brands.

Goodgame dissects and strategizes what works and what doesn’t. The highly acclaimed sales and retail merchandising expert knows the inner workings of finding the best combination of product packaging, pricing, positioning and promotion that encourages consumers to buy. From competitive strengths to controlling costs and always knowing the competition, Kenneth Goodgame understands how to manage the entire process effectively and efficiently. Not to mention, he has a compelling vision that motivates employees to be the best at what they do.

Goodgame Dominates Sales and Marketing

Known for his driving ambition and high standards, Kenneth Goodgame has transformed a slew of institutions into company giants. Rubbermaid, Black and Decker, and Home Depot are just a few of the mega-sized familiar companies Goodgame has worked for. Prior to True Value Company, he was appointed Global Materials Manager at Ace Hardware, subsequently boosting sales and productivity. Believing that infection reducing micro-fiber cleaning products were a bigger asset that most people believed, Goodgame built Rubbermaid Cleaning Products into a marketing behemoth at hospitals. Still being used at hospitals today, these micro-fiber cleaning products are but one example of Goodgame’s vision and passion for results.

“It’s crucial to create enthusiasm and encourage employees to develop skills and tackle challenges,” says Goodgame. This type of forethought demonstrates his ability to motivate. He stresses the value of a solid foundation to grow a successful brand. Investment in people, products and customer service all lead to profitability and Kenneth Goodgame is a blockbuster among marketers.

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