Talk Fusion: Video Marketing Has Never Been Easier

While creating video emails sounds complicated, it’s actually quite easy with Talk Fusion. Simply upload a prerecorded video or use a webcam and with Talk Fusion intuitive interface, add one of their professional templates and then, click to send. Some business owners might cringe at the thought of getting in front of the camera, however, videos of product demonstrations or assembly instructions don’t require business owners to put their face in front of the camera.

The Florida-based company began when Bob Reina could not email a video because his email provider said the file was too large. He and IT expert Dr. Jonathan Chen created Talk Fusion with video email as their flagship product. The company grew and began offering other marketing solutions and today, Talk Fusion serves businesses of all sizes in 140 countries.

The impact of Talk Fusion’s video communication products has to be seen to be believed. Founder and Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina knew that once companies and charitable organizations realized how easy it was to communicate via video, they would see how Talk Fusion’s highly-effective products would enhance their marketing efforts. Imagine a humane society charity making email appeals with a video of dogs and cats needing help. Reina knew that once companies and organizations see how engrossing video is compared to text and images, they will continue with Talk Fusion after their 30 day free trial ends.

In addition to video email services, Talk Fusion offers video newsletter, video chat and live meeting services. Reports allow business owners to track consumer engagement so that they can see how many more people share content when it is in video format.

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