With John Goullet, Diversant’s Continued Growth is Assured

Diversant LLC, commonly referred to as Diversant is an African American owned Information Technology (IT) solutions firm that has grown to surpass many of its peers. The company’s clientele is made up of Fortune 500 and the mid-market customers in certain industries across the United States. Among the services that Diversant offers are information systems project management and staffing, mobile and application development, web solutions and much more.

Founded in 2005, the company is currently a market leader boasting full certification as a minority-owned business. Some of its core values are ethical behavior, respect for others, professional development and disciplined teamwork. These values would partly explain its sustained ascendancy.

More importantly, the success of Diversant can be rightly attributed to the excellent and professional leadership of its Principal Executive, John Goullet. It is universally accepted that the quality of a company’s top management is a key determinant of its success or failure. For this reason, John deserves some credit for the success that Diversant has so far achieved.

Going by his career history, John is set to transform this firm even further and take it to greater horizons. One can comfortably be certain of this because in all the previous positions that he has held, he has achieved tremendously. For example, he successfully founded and grew Info Technologies, a company that was later to merge with diversant forming what is today known as Diversant LLC.

Academically, John is not a simple person. He is a graduate of the prestigious Ursinus College where he spent four years beginning in 1979 to 1983. According to John, teamwork and customer satisfaction are key to business prosperity. He says that a successful business venture has to embrace diversity because in addition to promoting creative thinking, it encourages innovation and the result is practical solutions to all kinds of problems.

Indeed, a good leadership of a firm cannot yield stagnation or failure; it can only yield success and growth.

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