Bruce Levenson Initiates Giving Back through Do It Right Foundation

Do Right Foundation

While it is vital for individuals to focus on personal growth by investing in themselves, the society would be a pleasant place if more people focused on delving into each other’s growth; mentally, financially and emotionally. Giving back to the society constitutes self-deprivation and a lot of sacrifices. While selflessness can be inborn, some people need mentoring on the same.

That is why the University of Maryland cheers Bruce Levenson for his commitment and determination to cultivating the virtue of selflessness in students. The program centralizes in higher education. Its core purpose is exposing students to voluntary services. According to the objectives of the program, the next generation of Maryland University will thrive in selflessness and real leadership geared by leaders taking care of their juniors.

Skilled Manpower for Excellent Results

In an interview with PR Newswire, Bruce Levenson highlighted good leadership skills as the foundation for successful organizations. According to him, most organizations have excellent human resources without relevant expertise and attitude for work. It is, therefore, vital for students to be mentored and coached to exercise good leadership skills for success. With Karen, his wife, Levenson contributed $75 million to the program. Maryland State seeded approximately $20 million for a vital lab component for demonstration.

About Bruce Levenson

Serving as partner and co-founder of United Communications Group, Bruce owns Atlanta Spirit LLC. Before co-founding United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz, Bruce Levenson was an editor and content writer for Washington Star. On February 10th 2015, he was appointed the chief director of TechTarget. Bruce Levenson was a board member of the publishers association of Newsletters and Electronics. He continues to serve as president of ‘I Have a Dream Foundation.’ The foundation is actively involved in giving back to the society. Bruce attended the Washington University. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts.


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