The Success of Todd Lubar in Real Estate Business

Todd Lubar is both the President at TDL Global Ventures, LLL, and the Sr. Vice President at Legendary Investments. Todd Lubar has been on the front line to improve the conditions of real estate business in Maryland. Even with a degree in speech communication from the Syracuse University, Todd knew that his passion was in real estate. He was very fascinated by every aspect of the business and learned a lot of things on his own. His desire to help others also assisted him in choosing this career path.

Todd started his real estate career in 1995 at Crestar Mortgage Corporation until 1999. At Crestar he became an expert in the ways of conservative mortgage banking. After leaving Crestar, he joined the Legacy Financial group in Arlington, Texas, where he worked to grow a Maryland branch office with a production unit of several $100 million a year in loan volume. In 2005, he left Legacy financial and joined Charter Funding as their Senior Vice President. He worked at Charter Funding until 2007.

In an article on patch, Todd Lubar is a real estate expert who is striving hard to improve the real estate business in Baltimore. With over 12 years’ experience in the field, Todd uses his attained skills to advise and help new customers in purchasing the best homes. Todd discovered that there is a group in Baltimore of underserved clients. Todd Lubar formed Legendary Properties, LLC, which was a residential company focusing on purchasing, selling, rehabilitating and earning a profit on residences. Through his previous experiences and relations, Todd was in a position to form strong relationships with experienced individuals to help him provide quality services to his customers.

Todd Lubar has also engaged in other businesses such as commercial demolition, automatic scrap metal recycling, night club business, and real estate development industry. He spent most of his valuable time developing relationships with Real Estate Agents, CPA’s financial planners and insurance agents who help him enhance his services to his clients. His broad experience and knowledge in other businesses have helped him understand how businesses run and how to excel in entrepreneurship.

Personal Life and Interests

Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his two daughters. He enjoys spending time with his daughters and traveling. With his passion for helping people, his main goal is to continue adding value to everyone and striving to get his clients the houses they need. He is also very involved in social media and has accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Facebook.

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