Betsy DeVos work history.

We live in an era where women are no longer considered second to men. Various women in the world have proved this fact right by succeeding in fields that were previously deemed to be men-oriented. Betsy DeVos is a businesswoman and a philanthropist. She studied at Calvin College in Michigan and majored in the field of arts.

After graduating, Betsy DeVos worked in different companies. Besides, she was the chairperson of both the American Federation of Children and The Philanthropy Roundtable board of directors. Serving on all these boards, Betsy DeVos diligence and excellent work ethics made her invaluable.

Furthermore, she has also been in several local and national board positions such as; Art Prize, The American Enterprise Institution, Foundation for Excellence in Education and the Devos Institute of Arts Management.

Currently, she is the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. As the Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos is formidable in her support of the Charter school system and the school choice system. She supports these alternative education programs as they enable a conducive and a just environment that is necessary to facilitate education. Besides, they offer more to a child compared to the public school system. Check her website for more info at


In 1986, Betsy DeVos co-founded the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation.She founded this organization to help improve the quality of life of people from her community. This foundation provides support to the community in various aspects such as; in the arts, justice, leadership and education. Her constant support for the arts in her community made her serve as a board member of the John F Kennedy Center which mainly performs arts.

Despite all these, Betsy DeVos still continues to empower arts in her community. She financially supports artists through her foundation, the Devos Institute of Arts Management. This institute, located in Maryland, seeks to empower, train and support art managers. Furthermore, she has helped to build and enable innovators in arts through the ArtPrize. Art Prize is a global competition that was started by her son.

Betsy DeVos role in the Republican Party.

Even though there are few female politicians compared to the male politicians, Betsy DeVos prides herself on being the chairperson of Michigan Republican party. Before being the chairperson, she was a local delegate for the Michigan Republican party. Here she had a positive impact and is prominently known for solely raising 150 000 dollars for the George Bush re-election campaign in 2004.


Neurocore is centers that focus on providing biofeedback therapy to people suffering from disorders such as deficit disorder and autism. Betsy and dick DeVos are on the board of this foundation and have heavily funded these centers to raise awareness and also help people suffering from brain disorders improve their quality of life. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

The Lung Institute Is Changing Lives Forever

The use of stem cells to treat lung disease is becoming extremely popular. A lot of people are seeking this type of treatment because it is less invasive. By using stem cell therapy, it can reduce inflammation in the lungs and provide a natural healing of the damaged lung tissue. According ti Cedars-Sinai, there is still more testing and research being done to improve the process.

The Lung Institute uses stem cell therapy to treat interstitial lung disease. They extract stem cells that are already in a patient’s body and return them at a later stage in treatment. They are either taken from a blood vein or from a bone marrow sample. Then the stem cells are separated from the other cells. They are then concentrated through a lab process and rejected back into the patient’s bloodstream. They can then begin the healing process of the lung tissue. Stem cells go after the lungs because the bloodstream pushes them through the right chamber of the heart and then to the lungs. The stem cells then get trapped in the lungs, also known as the pulmonary trap. That can ultimately slow down the speed of chronic lung disease.

The Lung Institute, see, is a treatment center that provides treatment for the lungs. What set them apart is the fact that they just don’t try to handle the symptoms, but instead they combat the disease altogether. They have changed so many lives and still making a difference every day. They use minimal invasive stem cell therapy options for patients. Their biggest concern is patient safety and the quality of care. They have over a century of experience and knowledge, with a team of professionals that have received worldwide appreciation for what they have done. People with chronic lung disease suffer physically and mentally. It can become hard to do things that they once loved like gardening, exercising, and even normal things like taking a shower. The Lung Institute restores hope and healing. They have the biggest impact that can change someone’s life forever. For more info, visit

Copa Star Hospital – One Step Ahead in Providing Comfort and Hospitality

Copa Star Hospital is in Rio in the Copacabana Street, and it has a significant segment in the hospitality aspect. This hospital has got luxury, comfort, highly elegant and advanced technology. Its design is that of a 5-star hotel. This hospital has got amazing creativity.

It has got a system that enables a patient lots of autonomy. It is unlike the other hospitals. It is sophisticated in the sense that patients are provided with an iPad so that they can interact with the doctor. Visit their Facebook page.

Copa Star Hospital is renowned for its excellent features. It has got automation of bed. This hospital enables the intern to alter the room lighting. He can also open and close the curtains with ease. This hospital has got a highly professional staff and had a great environment that is made of utmost comfort. It facilitates you with unique service. There is also an area that is dedicated for the health experts. The building has got a friendly atmosphere that is suitable for the patients.

Copa Star Hospital team has been trained for nearly two months with simulations. There are some of the emergency situations, and all the aspects are planned in a comprehensive manner. Our team at the hospital comprises of approximately five hundred and fifty staff. At least 113 are doctors.

We have trained the health experts about patient handling and about clothes to use. A whole new unit is in full swing in the hospital. This new unit will be opened in the 2nd half of the year 2016. The hospital will be just similar to a five-star hotel regarding its decor and ambiance. This hospital is great on the medical equipment like hybrid rooms, robotic medicine, and telemedicine. The highly advanced technology of the hospital along with expert health care professionals makes this hospital an excellent place to avail the treatment. Hospital Copa Star has been built in such a way so as to have the blend of the flows and the modern operations.

It has been designed to focus on the patient and their medical assistants by international standards. We have got highly experienced experts with several hours of training. This hospital is taking in all kinds of payments. It is actively working on the health insurance plans. There is the existence of some health plans to some of the services in Rio de Janeiro. There will be some regions of support like supply, billing, clothing, etc.

The hospital comprises of one hundred and five beds and one hundred and five apartments. The units comprise of 9 rooms and a park with many technological facilities. This state of the art hospital strives to provide utmost care and comfort to the patients and satisfies them to the best possible extent. View the design at

Betsy Devos’ Background Check Reveals a High Degree of Giving When and Where It Counts

Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education for the United States of America.

And for good reason.

Her mother was a public school teacher and many conversations with her mother through out the years led to her interest and many questions on the quality and inequality of the education available to children in all parts of the U. S. Once she had children of her own this gave her another perspective on the education system of our country. she began to get involved with local community leaders to address the issue of how to give the best educational experience possible to every child.

With over 30 years of being a strong advocate for the creation of new educational choices for students in all 50 states; as Secretary of Education she hopes and works for returning more control of the public school system to the states and local municipalities.

As someone who had the money to send her children to any school she wanted, due to her background Betsy DeVos was very concerned with the fact that most parents did not have the resources to give their children the best education they could. A visit to a Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids showed her a learning atmosphere based on curiosity and love. As a result of this visit, and subsequent visits, she has supported and continues to support the Potter’s House Christian School system at a high level. Check her website for more info at

In 1989 she and her husband created the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This foundation was to provide funds for a variety of other non-profits that they believed not only in what they were doing, but how effectively they were using any funds given to them. With her nomination to the appointment of Secretary of Education, her background and finances were furiously examined and it was revealed that in 2015 the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation made charitable contributions of 11.6 million. Subsequent background checking also showed that she and her husband’s had made a total of donations to non-profits of 139 million.

In the 1990’s she served on the board of two national non-profits; Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. She currently serves on several national and local boards including Kids Hope USA and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She is also the chairperson for the American Federation for Children.

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Madison Street Capital reputation was boosted recently as they provided sound financial advice to a security risk management company, ARES Security Corporation.The international investment company managed to arrange minority equity for the security company.In addition to this, it was also able to secure a subsidiary debt investment for the security company. The security firm supplies comprehensible software solutions for the safety.


The investment banking firm’s CEO, Charles Bochway revealed that the company was pleased by the ARES Security Corporation deal. Reginald McGaugh, who is the financial firm’s Senior Managing Director, confirmed that, they got to work hand in hand with Ben Eazzetta who is Ares Security shareholder and President and that the deal was quite a challenge. Corbel Structured Equity Partners provided the company’s minority recapitalization.


ARES Security Corporation president, Ben Eazzetta also complimented the work done by the international financial investment company. The security company’s president revealed that their firm was pleased by the hard work and diligence that the financing company exerted in order to secure the suitable investment company for them.


Although the investment finance company did the transaction, ARES Security Corporation was also pleased to have a company such Corbel on board. As they pointed out that, the company had an original investment model that will assist them in reaching their goal.In addition to this, Corbel also had many contacts which will be very instrumental in providing ARES Security Corporation with a wider base of business.


About the International Investment Firm


Madison Street Capital is one of the leading financial advising companies.There are several services that they provide.They include business valuation, financial opinions for middle-market companies, financial services, and corporate advisory,valuation for financial reporting and mergers and acquisitions.

The success of the middle market investment banking firm depends on treating each client as an individual with specific needs.


This has managed to keep it afloat despite the existence many companies of its caliber.The international investment banking company is based in Chicago, Illinois. However, it also has additional branches in Africa and Asia which cater for their growing client base.

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Oncotarget And Their Journal Advances

Oncotarget is one of the strongest medical journals in the world, and it has been peer-reviewed for a number of cancer and treatment studies. This article explains how Oncotarget is providing better information for those struggling with cancer, and it helps those with specific needs understand how they may be treated with new therapies. There are many reasons to read Oncotarget, and the reader may learn something that is new to them and their disease. Check Oncotarget at

#1: Oncotarget Has A Peer Review Panel

The Oncotarget staff has compiled a peer review panel that consists of doctors and researchers who are in the field working every day. They look over every study that is put before them, and they will find that there are many worthy studies to publish. The journal will publish anything that is helpful for the medical community, and they will publish often where new studies are found.

#2: They Allow Room For New Studies

The medical journals of the western world are often packed with studies that do not leave much room for new research. Someone who has not found space in one of the journals in the west before will find that it is much easier to discover a space for their study. Oncotarget wishes to welcome everyone who is studying. Cancer, and they will look over every study regardless of its size.

#3: They Are Online

The Oncotarget publication is online, and there are many different people who may run across the journal as they search for cancer information. Anyone who is studying cancer may look over the journal, and they may find something that is completely new to them. Oncotarget wishes to be fresh, and they are hoping to find breakthroughs that help the public. Reading through the journal may change the life of a cancer-stricken family.

There are many people who are searching for the information they need to react to a cancer diagnosis. Someone who is learning from the publication may change their treatment, and they may change their goals for recovery. Oncotarget is a great publication that helps people who are struggling with this disease.


InnovaCare Health Continues to Make Huge Positive Gains under CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is one of the most recognized and trusted names in healthcare insurance services in the entire nation. The firm has carved up a stellar track record and reputation owing to their customer care services which have been rated as being five-star and amazing. Additionally, the core services and products are of top-notch quality, always. Most importantly, becoming a member opens you up the wonderful opportunity of accessing any of the countless numbers of certified and registered doctors and agents operating in your locale in the wink of an eye.

Force behind InnovaCare’s Success

World-class award-winning companies like InnovaCare Health don’t just arise by chance. No, they are the culmination of a carefully executed strategy by the top leadership. The CEO Rick Shinto is a visionary leader who prefers to work with the increasingly popular open door policy with junior staff and other partners. The health sector is without a doubt one of the worst niches one can choose to invest in. This particular industry is full of regulations by which your business ought to adhere to when operating. Contact details available at

Awards and Prizes Won

Judging by the growing number of prestigious awards and accolades the healthcare service provider continues to scoop from respected institutions like One Planet Awards and the Stevie Awards, however, Rick and his team must be doing a fantastic job. InnovaCare Health’s expansion into the nation of Puerto Rico coincided with the opening up of two branches of the form; the PMC Medicare Inc. and the MMM Healthcare Inc. These companies passed the vetting process and eventually got certified to carry on with the provision of medical care products and services in 2011. InnovaCare and its subsidiaries got their NCQA accreditation papers six years ago. Visit their website at

What Does Rick Shinto Bring To InnovaCare?

Dr. Shinto has a lifetime of wealth in experience on all matters related to overseeing the creation of therapies and drugs. He’s helped oversee the successful production of a few notable drugs and treatments while working in several high positions in leading big pharma companies. Shinto’s bright past is filled with him serving as the CEO, CFO, President or Chairman of Aveta Inc., Medical Pathways Management Company and at NAMM in California. Dr, Shinto is a highly respected scientist who continues to write medical research journals and health care improvement articles. The brilliant researcher attended the Universities of New York and Redlands where he studied for Medicine and Surgery and an M.B.A, respectively.

How To Make The Bumble App By Whitney Wolfe Work Well

When it comes to dating apps, there are people that are going to be successful with them as well as people that are going to have a lot of issues that prevent them from getting anywhere.

It is no different with Bumble. While Whitney Wolfe can change the format of the dating apps, she can’t change the people. Therefore, it is important for one to make sure that he has everything taken care of so that they will maximize their chances of dating successfully. Fortunately, the chances of dating can be improved when one takes the time to make himself look presentable.

One of the most important things to do when it comes to filling out the profile is to make sure that it is completely filled out. Whitney Wolfe and other dating app developers would advise people to make sure that they are providing accurate information. Whitney Wolfe advises honesty to users that want to make the most of their dating experience. After all, it is important for people to make sure that they are honest so that they are properly matched. One thing that people don’t want is to be mismatched with someone no matter how attractive they find the other person.

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While dating apps may make a certain part of dating easier, other aspects have become more difficult in that people can only give a snapshot of themselves. In many cases, people tend to have a much better view of the individual when they are able to see them in motion. However, one of the issues with dating apps is that some people are spamming and then women are left with too many messages. Whitney Wolfe has therefore did everything she can to make it easier for women to choose from the matches that she has gotten.

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