InnovaCare Health Continues to Make Huge Positive Gains under CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is one of the most recognized and trusted names in healthcare insurance services in the entire nation. The firm has carved up a stellar track record and reputation owing to their customer care services which have been rated as being five-star and amazing. Additionally, the core services and products are of top-notch quality, always. Most importantly, becoming a member opens you up the wonderful opportunity of accessing any of the countless numbers of certified and registered doctors and agents operating in your locale in the wink of an eye.

Force behind InnovaCare’s Success

World-class award-winning companies like InnovaCare Health don’t just arise by chance. No, they are the culmination of a carefully executed strategy by the top leadership. The CEO Rick Shinto is a visionary leader who prefers to work with the increasingly popular open door policy with junior staff and other partners. The health sector is without a doubt one of the worst niches one can choose to invest in. This particular industry is full of regulations by which your business ought to adhere to when operating. Contact details available at

Awards and Prizes Won

Judging by the growing number of prestigious awards and accolades the healthcare service provider continues to scoop from respected institutions like One Planet Awards and the Stevie Awards, however, Rick and his team must be doing a fantastic job. InnovaCare Health’s expansion into the nation of Puerto Rico coincided with the opening up of two branches of the form; the PMC Medicare Inc. and the MMM Healthcare Inc. These companies passed the vetting process and eventually got certified to carry on with the provision of medical care products and services in 2011. InnovaCare and its subsidiaries got their NCQA accreditation papers six years ago. Visit their website at

What Does Rick Shinto Bring To InnovaCare?

Dr. Shinto has a lifetime of wealth in experience on all matters related to overseeing the creation of therapies and drugs. He’s helped oversee the successful production of a few notable drugs and treatments while working in several high positions in leading big pharma companies. Shinto’s bright past is filled with him serving as the CEO, CFO, President or Chairman of Aveta Inc., Medical Pathways Management Company and at NAMM in California. Dr, Shinto is a highly respected scientist who continues to write medical research journals and health care improvement articles. The brilliant researcher attended the Universities of New York and Redlands where he studied for Medicine and Surgery and an M.B.A, respectively.

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