Copa Star Hospital – One Step Ahead in Providing Comfort and Hospitality

Copa Star Hospital is in Rio in the Copacabana Street, and it has a significant segment in the hospitality aspect. This hospital has got luxury, comfort, highly elegant and advanced technology. Its design is that of a 5-star hotel. This hospital has got amazing creativity.

It has got a system that enables a patient lots of autonomy. It is unlike the other hospitals. It is sophisticated in the sense that patients are provided with an iPad so that they can interact with the doctor. Visit their Facebook page.

Copa Star Hospital is renowned for its excellent features. It has got automation of bed. This hospital enables the intern to alter the room lighting. He can also open and close the curtains with ease. This hospital has got a highly professional staff and had a great environment that is made of utmost comfort. It facilitates you with unique service. There is also an area that is dedicated for the health experts. The building has got a friendly atmosphere that is suitable for the patients.

Copa Star Hospital team has been trained for nearly two months with simulations. There are some of the emergency situations, and all the aspects are planned in a comprehensive manner. Our team at the hospital comprises of approximately five hundred and fifty staff. At least 113 are doctors.

We have trained the health experts about patient handling and about clothes to use. A whole new unit is in full swing in the hospital. This new unit will be opened in the 2nd half of the year 2016. The hospital will be just similar to a five-star hotel regarding its decor and ambiance. This hospital is great on the medical equipment like hybrid rooms, robotic medicine, and telemedicine. The highly advanced technology of the hospital along with expert health care professionals makes this hospital an excellent place to avail the treatment. Hospital Copa Star has been built in such a way so as to have the blend of the flows and the modern operations.

It has been designed to focus on the patient and their medical assistants by international standards. We have got highly experienced experts with several hours of training. This hospital is taking in all kinds of payments. It is actively working on the health insurance plans. There is the existence of some health plans to some of the services in Rio de Janeiro. There will be some regions of support like supply, billing, clothing, etc.

The hospital comprises of one hundred and five beds and one hundred and five apartments. The units comprise of 9 rooms and a park with many technological facilities. This state of the art hospital strives to provide utmost care and comfort to the patients and satisfies them to the best possible extent. View the design at

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