The Lung Institute Is Changing Lives Forever

The use of stem cells to treat lung disease is becoming extremely popular. A lot of people are seeking this type of treatment because it is less invasive. By using stem cell therapy, it can reduce inflammation in the lungs and provide a natural healing of the damaged lung tissue. According ti Cedars-Sinai, there is still more testing and research being done to improve the process.

The Lung Institute uses stem cell therapy to treat interstitial lung disease. They extract stem cells that are already in a patient’s body and return them at a later stage in treatment. They are either taken from a blood vein or from a bone marrow sample. Then the stem cells are separated from the other cells. They are then concentrated through a lab process and rejected back into the patient’s bloodstream. They can then begin the healing process of the lung tissue. Stem cells go after the lungs because the bloodstream pushes them through the right chamber of the heart and then to the lungs. The stem cells then get trapped in the lungs, also known as the pulmonary trap. That can ultimately slow down the speed of chronic lung disease.

The Lung Institute, see, is a treatment center that provides treatment for the lungs. What set them apart is the fact that they just don’t try to handle the symptoms, but instead they combat the disease altogether. They have changed so many lives and still making a difference every day. They use minimal invasive stem cell therapy options for patients. Their biggest concern is patient safety and the quality of care. They have over a century of experience and knowledge, with a team of professionals that have received worldwide appreciation for what they have done. People with chronic lung disease suffer physically and mentally. It can become hard to do things that they once loved like gardening, exercising, and even normal things like taking a shower. The Lung Institute restores hope and healing. They have the biggest impact that can change someone’s life forever. For more info, visit

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