Betsy DeVos work history.

We live in an era where women are no longer considered second to men. Various women in the world have proved this fact right by succeeding in fields that were previously deemed to be men-oriented. Betsy DeVos is a businesswoman and a philanthropist. She studied at Calvin College in Michigan and majored in the field of arts.

After graduating, Betsy DeVos worked in different companies. Besides, she was the chairperson of both the American Federation of Children and The Philanthropy Roundtable board of directors. Serving on all these boards, Betsy DeVos diligence and excellent work ethics made her invaluable.

Furthermore, she has also been in several local and national board positions such as; Art Prize, The American Enterprise Institution, Foundation for Excellence in Education and the Devos Institute of Arts Management.

Currently, she is the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. As the Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos is formidable in her support of the Charter school system and the school choice system. She supports these alternative education programs as they enable a conducive and a just environment that is necessary to facilitate education. Besides, they offer more to a child compared to the public school system. Check her website for more info at


In 1986, Betsy DeVos co-founded the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation.She founded this organization to help improve the quality of life of people from her community. This foundation provides support to the community in various aspects such as; in the arts, justice, leadership and education. Her constant support for the arts in her community made her serve as a board member of the John F Kennedy Center which mainly performs arts.

Despite all these, Betsy DeVos still continues to empower arts in her community. She financially supports artists through her foundation, the Devos Institute of Arts Management. This institute, located in Maryland, seeks to empower, train and support art managers. Furthermore, she has helped to build and enable innovators in arts through the ArtPrize. Art Prize is a global competition that was started by her son.

Betsy DeVos role in the Republican Party.

Even though there are few female politicians compared to the male politicians, Betsy DeVos prides herself on being the chairperson of Michigan Republican party. Before being the chairperson, she was a local delegate for the Michigan Republican party. Here she had a positive impact and is prominently known for solely raising 150 000 dollars for the George Bush re-election campaign in 2004.


Neurocore is centers that focus on providing biofeedback therapy to people suffering from disorders such as deficit disorder and autism. Betsy and dick DeVos are on the board of this foundation and have heavily funded these centers to raise awareness and also help people suffering from brain disorders improve their quality of life. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

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