Get Familiar With Actress Crystal Hunt

Not every young actress has the soap opera accolades, Hollywood credentials, and professional performance resume of Crystal Clarese Hunt. From sunny Clearwater, Florida came a little girl who grew into a star on the rise with an amazing early career boost as a pageant contestant when she was only two years old.

Crystal Hunt would then escalate with performing ambitions by putting her attractive appearance and acting ability to use in television advertisements. Among the marvelous entries on Hunt’s TV commercial list is spot with Justin Timberlake and his famous band NSYNC in an anti-drug commercial. Crystal was also able to shine brightly in a 25th anniversary ad for the Walt Disney Company.

This golden blonde gem showed audiences and the entertainment industry that no matter the size of the screen, from home television programs to feature length cinema attractions, she was here to stay. Her dive into daytime soap operas became a premium platform for her acting chops to break through to the next level. On the legendary series “Guiding Light,” Crystal Hunt honed her cultivated craft as Elizabeth Lillian Spaulding between 2003-2005 for 23 episodes.

It was during her final year on “Guiding Light” that Crystal proved her worth to the entertainment business by earning two huge award nominations for her television performance.

Hunt extended the value of her performance portfolio by appearing as Stacy Marasco on 152 episodes of the soap opera classic “One life to Live.” From the small screen to the tall screen, there was also Hunt’s foundation formed in motion pictures. Take a look at the 2007 romantic comedy “Sydney White and the family sports drama “23 Blast” and watch her natural beauty morph into those roles.

The name Zac Efron should certainly ring a bell. They were co-stars of the 2005 drama “The Derby Stallion.” Another previous cast member of Hunt’s is the A-List talent Channing Tatum who shared the screen with her in the provocative comedy drama “Magic Mike XXL.” This is truly a fantastic start to a career that is just getting started.

Avoid Long Visitation Lines At Prison With Securus

During put away in jail is incredibly difficult, not only on the person going to jail but also on that inmate’s family. They do a very good job of stripping your rights away inside prison. They make it incredibly difficult to communicate with the outside world, with limited access to television stations, the Internet, and to friends and family.

And one of the biggest hassles to a family with a loved one in prison is visitation. Depending on the prison, visitation can take a very long time. Crowded prisons always come with long lines on visitation days and robust security checkpoints make those lines even longer. It’s also quite embarrassing to go through some of the high level security that prisons enforce these days.

That’s where Securus Video Visitation steps in. Securus Video Visitation is used just like Skype, Facebook messenger or any other virtual meeting program. It allows the inmate and the inmate’s family to visit during scheduled times over the Internet through a secure connection.

Securus Video Visitation can be used every day in order to allow your loved one in prison to join your life. They can be there every step of the way, from the kids first day at school to the family getting a new pet. And it is a much more viable way to stay in touch with each other than through physical visitation alone.

No longer do you have to worry about missing your visitation time frame. No longer do you have to worry about being made to feel like a second-class citizen going through tight security at the prison. All you need to do is create an account and set up a time to visit with your loved one and Securus takes care of the rest.

Imagine the time you’ll save.  You can spend all their time with your loved one instead and you can bring the whole family along. And more people can visit with your loved one because it’s easier for people in the neighborhood to come over your house than it is for them to travel to the prison and go through security. This convenient technology is helping prisoners and their families all over this country. Take advantage today.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.