Wealth Solutions Steps To Create Strong Financial Futures For Clients

Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions based in Austin, Texas, ha a goal of bringing a positive and noticeable difference to the lives of those who invest with him. He has always felt a pull in the world of education, his wife and grandmothers were teachers who showed him how teaching people could forever change their lives.

Richard combined that love of sharing knowledge with people with his natural aptitude for finance that includes numerous certifications including CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS, and has created Wealth Solutions, a company that helps and teaches people to handle their finances, invest, and prepare for their futures.

According to Wealth Minder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is an Investment advisory firm that aids clients in growing, managing, and protecting their financial assets with the help of the Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions. Blair built the company with the key idea that everyone needs a solid financial plan for the future, and he knew he had the tools to help people achieve that.

Wealth Management has a simple goal, discover peoples long term financial goals and teach them how to manage and invest to meet those goals. The company fulfills those goals through a three pillar process that has shown to be incredibly successful.

The first pillar is to create a financial roadmap. It shows the clients goals, risk tolerance, places for growth, and strengths, then uses that information to create a plan that will help achieve financial goals.

The second pillar is to create a long term plan that will meet all the needs of the clients. Wealth Solutions takes the information they have obtained about their client and follows a personalized plan that accounts for the clients liquidity needs as well as goals in investing. Wealth Solutions reallocates assets as well as manages them to create a maximum financial return.

The third and final pillar is to meet the clients insurance needs. For a client to truly succeed at long term planning, Wealth Solutions creates insurance safety nets including financial planning for long term health care, life insurance, and annuities. This ensures the client is financially taken care of as long as they possibly need.