Bernardo Chua Proves Business Success Around The World

The former North American head of the Gano Excel direct sales company has recently proven just how successful his business model is by completing a new range of expansion options that will see Organo find a firmer foothold in Europe to aid in its continued growth.

There is a lot to admire about Bernado Chua’s extensive business and philanthropic career, including his ambition to bring the multi level marketing industry to North America and Europe.

The development and establishment of Organo is the latest in a prolonged period of success Bernardo Chua has enjoyed after starting his career as a general employee of Gano Excel.

It was during his time with Gano Excel that Bernie brought his experience and belief in the power to provide good health of the Ganoderma herb found in mushrooms from a small area of China; the need to bring this amazing herb to the lives of as many people as possible has driven Chua to establish Organo as a provider of healthy coffee and lifestyle products.

The expansion of Organo into Turkey allows Bernardo to link areas of Asia, Europe, and North America from a single location that is also the traditional home of coffee drinking, according to PR News Wire.

Integrity in bringing an active lifestyle and hope for the future to entrepreneurs, young people, and consumers alike is the driving force behind the work of Bernardo Chua and Organo.

PRWeb reports the business model of bringing a healthy form of success to the people of the world saw Bernardo awarded the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal; the philanthropic work of the Philippines born head of Organo has seen him provide his own range of personal skills provided through the impressive OG Foundation.

In providing an active lifestyle in terms of both the body and mind of each individual Bernie often looks to provide motivational speeches and seminars for young people who he hopes will find the inspiration to better themselves in business and their personal lives.