Todd Lubar – The Man On A Mission

Todd Lubar serves as the president of TDL global ventures, LLC and also the senior vice president at legendary investments. See,

His dream towards making a big name for himself started in the sidewalls friends’ school where he studied from the year 1977 to 1987, that was the time of his life where he wanted to imitate the success of eminent and noteworthy personalities. He continued his education in the Peddie School from where he went to Syracuse University to pursue his BA in speech communications. His dream to achieve renown took an initial step when he joined the Crestar mortgage corporation, tirelessly working there from the year 1995 to 1999.

In 1999 to pursue more rewarding job profiles, Todd Lubar joined the legacy financial group and helped skyrocket there Maryland office to several 100 million dollars in production. He stayed at legacy until the year 2005 and moved on further ahead in his life with taking up the post of senior vice president at charter Funding, he is a man that firmly believes in riding with the change, as “life is a wheel that forever churns”.

Being a veteran of the mortgage industry that he was, upon seeing the drastic improvement in the lending sector he decided on moving back to help him refocus on his core work areas. After all, he was in pursuit of creating a niche for himself!

He is not a person who restricts himself to just one field, having vast knowledge of the industry has helped him make bold and rewarding decisions to further his interests in Legendary financials, working upon the knowledge that he acquired with over 12 years spent in the industry.

He is a happy man, with 2 beautiful children to help him bust stress and a wife that has been with him through the thick and thin. He enjoys taking his family out on adventures.