Lime Crime by Doe Deere

Having created a successful company on your own is no easy job. We can always turn to the greatest business minds to inspire us, or we can simply learn from the people who are making it big right now. You can choose to motivate yourself by learning a little bit more, in case you haven’t already, about Lime Crime; and understand why it is revolutionizing the online makeup business.


Who is the brain behind this operation? That would be Doe Deere, founder, and creator of Lime Crime: the first digitally native beauty brand in the industry. What is there to learn about this success story? Well, the best secrets are always hidden in the simple details. Discover them while glancing through Deere’s life. This can be summarized as a life of inspiration, of hard work, of vision, and a commitment to give back.


The best secret to a clear skin, she says, is a good night sleep. Right there is the first lesson. As Lime Crime is all about enhancing your natural beauty, you may want to pay attention to her tips. Probably one of the boldest things Doe Deere has accomplished by now is the fact that her brand sets the tone for modern trends. How does one manage that and at the same time enjoy any spare time?


Setting your calendar on your phone is one useful trick, as Doe Deere does. That way, she can get things done before she even gets to the office. As a social media master, she can stay tuned with her work team on the company chat. Embracing technology is another must for entrepreneurs these days. While keeping organized, you can definitely pinpoint which items you can prioritize, and which events to let go. After all, it’s all about being healthy and productive.


However, don’t let work overwhelm you. Like Doe, choose a moment just for you to relax. For instance, she benefits greatly from the company of her cats. Success doesn’t come easy but it should not be all work. Remember that in order to break the rules, like Doe Deere did, inspiration must come first.

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