Brown Modelling Agency Is Turning Dreams Into Reality

The Brown Agency, the leading modeling agency in Texas, has made its presence in Austin, Dallas, and all the way to Los Angeles. The agency was established in September 2015, as a result of the merging of the two largest modeling agencies in Texas – Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. Justin Brown serves as the CEO and president of the agency, who worked previously under the umbrella of Wilhelmina Austin.

Justin Brown’s background in the world of modeling agency traces back to his early years with Wiilhelmina Austin. Under his leadership, the agency became one of the most well-known agencies in the state. They managed to get clients from around the world, offering them talents and models who are really deserving. Through the years, the two leading modeling agencies in Texas are giving modeling aspirants a chance to make their dreams come true. They have helped thousands who wished to become models, and some of them made it really big in the world of modeling. With the merging of the two companies, people are looking forward to more opportunities, believing that their merge would bring in more clients from distinguished brands from around the world.

Now that The Brown Agency made its debut, its eagerness to find new talents has multiplied. They often invite aspiring models to go to their office and try their luck. Many times, these aspiring talents are being meticulously chosen based on their capacity to become models. The success of The Brown Agency depends on the people that they profile, so early on the screening process, they are making sure that only the best would go through. Aside from walk in applications, they are also encouraging people to apply online by sending their photos along with their resumes. Once chosen, they will be invited to go to the office for further screening. This gives people the chance to apply without the hassle of going to the physical headquarters just to be advised that they did not make it in the preliminary screening. With these methods that The Brown Agency is using, hidden talents from the state of Texas are being discovered. Their reputation as a modeling agency echoes from coast to coast, with their talents being invited either to New York City or to Los Angeles just to do photo shoot or runway events, frequently with well-respected brands.

The Brown Agency wishes to expand to other states; an example of this was their presence in Los Angeles, California. Their mission is to find the best talent in America in order for them to showcase their beauty and to help aspiring models reach their dreams. It is indeed a win-win situation both for the agency and for the models.

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