George Street Photo and Video: Your Wedding Miracle

Are you looking for a wedding photography and video company? Then look no further! George Street Photo and Video has everything you need for your special day. George Street Photo and Video Address serves over forty cities in the US. Take New York, for example. Imagine getting married in front of the Statue of Liberty! Or, take Phoenix, Arizona; the sights are absolutely beautiful there. Wherever you choose to go, George Street Photo and Video can help you with your memorable day!

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New York Attorney- Jeremy Gold stein

New York residents can now quickly and easily find a lawyer to handle their child custody cases, landlord tenant challenges, criminal matters, writing of a will, and any other legal issue. New Yorkers have a way to find an attorney around their location, one who is experienced and passed by the New York State Bar Association‘s Trusted Lawyer referral and Association Services (LRIS). The Association of Lawyers launched a new website for individual seeking the work of an attorney in New York. The online services are open 24 hours a day and customers can as well use the LRIS telephone services.

Claire P. Gutekunst is the President of the Bar of Association of Lawyers in New York. Ms. Claire said that people are always in need of a lawyer in times of distress, and the New York Referral and Information Services is there to help lower the pressure as they have experienced lawyers. She further mentioned that individual l s should be courageous as they will be matched with appropriate lawyers. is a national provider of marketplace and referral management technology for the industry of law. Together with the New York State Bar Association, they developed the online services.

Jeremy Goldstein is a co-founder and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Jeremy is an attorney based in New York. Jeremy Goldstein began his career at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen& Katz. The attorney is an important one in New York as he has been playing a significant role in delivering counsel to professionals, executives, and corporates in matters regarding compensation.

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in many transactions including the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies and Verizon Wireless acquisition of Alltel Corporation. Jeremy Goldstein is not only a lawyer, but he is also involved in community works. He is the Director of a non-profit organization Fountain House. Fountain House assist people living with severe mental illness. Jeremy has held the position since 2008.

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Adam Goldenberg And The Analysis Of Fashion Products

There is a lot that goes into business. However, one of the most important aspects of whether or not a business sells a lot of products lies in the analytics on This is especially true when it comes to fashion. People need to know what is selling so that they can continue to offer this to them. That way, they will have less of a need to find some new ways to bring out sell the items through markdowns. Among the people that are really great at marking down the products for sale is Adam Goldenberg. Goldenberg is one of the founders of JustFab.

Adam Goldenberg is the one who deals with the technical side of business. He takes the time to make sure that all of the campaigns, products, and other important parts of business are working well to the best effect. This gets people to look forward to the newer products that they will offer. Adam Goldenberg has a good sense of what the market needs and the type of people that he can work with. He has formed a really good partnership with Don Ressler. This partnership has resulted in the rapid growth of the company into other markets.

Adam Goldenberg has shown that he has enough wisdom for the market so that he could predict where it is going. For one thing, he knew that more people are turning to the internet for shopping on Therefore, he predicted that his maneuver into the field is going to result in a huge success for the company. As a matter of fact, he has predicted a hugely successful 2014. That year came to be such a huge success that he was able to use it to fund some more projects that deal with further growth of the company at

Fortunately, these projects according to brought about growth because he has looked into the old traditional ways of shopping and has seen that there was still a market for the old way of buying clothes. Therefore, he has helped with the opening up of physical locations for his brand. This helped make sure that the company maximizes the amount of customers it gets.

OSI Group Is Rewarded The Globe Of Honour For Outstanding Food Industry Practices

In 2016 OSI Group, a leader in the food industry was awarded the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. This marked distinction is given to organizations that exhibit exemplary performance within their organizational structure and environmental standards. OSI Group did that and more.

From the humble beginnings of a family owned meat market in Oak Park, Illinois, this family owned business rapidly expanded into a world wide conglomerate known for distributing high-quality meat products to stores, restaurant chains, and food service businesses. Despite its success and rapid growth, quality has been a criterion the company maintained stringent tabs on.

Food safety standards are rigorous, and quality control checks are conducted at every level. Every aspect is inspected from food handling by employees to animal welfare. If the devil is in the details, then OSI Group takes it to the next level.

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Employees are required to undergo GMP training. Referred to as Good Manufacturing Practices, these training courses instill hygiene and processing fundamentals that guarantee proper meat handling technique, packaging, and distribution. Individuals are required to take this class immediately upon hire, then annually afterward. Upon completion, each person understands they are the key to maintaining rigorous practice standards.

Annual audits, third-party evaluations, and merciless tracking practices are trademark characteristics which are present at each level of the organization. By implementing the latest in technology and food safety research, the company guarantees its customers receive a superior product which meets and exceeds industry standards. OSI Group delivers and surpasses local and federal requirements as highlighted by its achievement of the Globe of Honour.

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Kevin Seawright Appears on Larry Young Morning Show

Kevin Seawright recently appeared on a popular radio show, known as Larry Young Morning Show. The main aim of his visit was to talk about his newest project with an institution called RPS Solutions.

RPS Solutions was founded in the year 2015, and it operates as a joint partnership venture that mostly renovates and constructs affordable housing for residents in Baltimore area. Seawright appeared in the popular show to explain the new company goals to Larry Young.

During the show, Kevin Seawright told Larry Young that his organization was very passionate about the issue of home ownership, especially for the individuals in Baltimore. He also explained that during the company standard operations, he came across many first time home buyers in the region. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

This is why they decided to come up with an opportunity for the residents to acquire a home and enable them to be stable. The successful entrepreneur said that his organization was willing to help more people individuals who wanted to own a home.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is known to many as the founder of RSP Solutions. His company has always had a mission of growing Baltimore City home ownership rate to at least fifty percent. The organization has also been working hard to provide affordable alternatives for members of the community was also an objective of the company.

If the residents were able to invest in the city by themselves and create a stable socioeconomic environment, then the city would be a better place to live in. Under his leadership, RSP Solutions has been quite successful, and it is working hard to achieve its objectives.

Kevin Seawright is a renowned project manager who is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Kevin is a qualified professional who has worked hard to achieve a lot in his career.

He has spent most of his career in education, local government industry, and real estate. His investments are mostly found in Washington, New Jersey, and Maryland. Kevin once served as the chief financial officer and vice president of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Working at this organization exposed Kevin Seawright to the real estate needs of the community.

Todd Lubar – The Man On A Mission

Todd Lubar serves as the president of TDL global ventures, LLC and also the senior vice president at legendary investments. See,

His dream towards making a big name for himself started in the sidewalls friends’ school where he studied from the year 1977 to 1987, that was the time of his life where he wanted to imitate the success of eminent and noteworthy personalities. He continued his education in the Peddie School from where he went to Syracuse University to pursue his BA in speech communications. His dream to achieve renown took an initial step when he joined the Crestar mortgage corporation, tirelessly working there from the year 1995 to 1999.

In 1999 to pursue more rewarding job profiles, Todd Lubar joined the legacy financial group and helped skyrocket there Maryland office to several 100 million dollars in production. He stayed at legacy until the year 2005 and moved on further ahead in his life with taking up the post of senior vice president at charter Funding, he is a man that firmly believes in riding with the change, as “life is a wheel that forever churns”.

Being a veteran of the mortgage industry that he was, upon seeing the drastic improvement in the lending sector he decided on moving back to help him refocus on his core work areas. After all, he was in pursuit of creating a niche for himself!

He is not a person who restricts himself to just one field, having vast knowledge of the industry has helped him make bold and rewarding decisions to further his interests in Legendary financials, working upon the knowledge that he acquired with over 12 years spent in the industry.

He is a happy man, with 2 beautiful children to help him bust stress and a wife that has been with him through the thick and thin. He enjoys taking his family out on adventures.


Why Securus Technologies Is One of The Best Options of Communications For Inmates

If you are wondering how your friend or family member who has recently been jailed is doing, please feel free to connect with them through a brand new innovative technological solution for connecting with those who are incarcerated called Securus Technologies. It is a great tool which connects those who are jailed with their friends or family back home. It is as convenient as it gets for jail visitation as the visitors are not going to be required to wait in any kind of visitation lines or wait for an appointment slot time to open up so that they can visit. They may find the visiting a friend or family member can be quite a hassle in the sense that the jail is usually so busy that they are unable to open an appointment time up for the visitor(s) to visit the inmate at a time that they had wanted to or would have been able to. Due to scheduling issues, visitation in jails aren’t necessarily as easy as it may seem.


Securus Technologies has opened up doors (not literally) for inmates as they are able to connect with their loved ones through video conferencing programs over Internet connections. Although it is a great way for friends, family, and inmates to connect while the inmate may be going through a tough time in jail, it is important to know that all jail centers are not offering the use of this program. To see if the correctional facility the inmate you would like to connect with through the video conferencing mode offers the utilization of the Securus Technologies program or not, please contact the customers service representatives as they will be able to let you know. You may also look to see if the correctional facility shows on the list that is available on the website.


The Rise Of New Volcanic Water Company Waiakea

Baby Boomster said that Waiakea water is a new and upcoming company that is providing bottled volcanic water to thirsty customers. The company was founded by Ryan Emmons, a graduate of the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

He founded Waiakea water in Hawaii in 2012 because of his familiarity with the state due to his youthful summer and winter vacations there and discovering his family had access to the water on the Big Island.

He formed the company with three main purposes in mind; provide a uniquely healthy and tasty water, engage in being socially responsible, and do it in an environmentally responsible way.

Emmons has commented that it was difficult as a younger person to get into the bottled water industry as everyone else in it is over the age of 50. Due to this he had to form relationships with other young entrepreneurs in the business and this helped inform him about new ways to succeed in the business.

Since founding the company at the age of 22 he has grown the company by over 4000%, going from just 2,304 cases of water sold a year to over 122,000. He has steadily built the stores that his water is sold in and today that includes such national grocery chains as Whole Food.

According to Specialty Food, The water that Waiakea water collects comes from a source fed by rain and snow on the active volcano Mauna Loa Volcano. The water passes through hardened lava rock within hours and picks up rich minerals along the way such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

The water also has healthy amounts of electrolytes and alkalinity which support the body and fight against osteoporosis. The water is packaged in Hawaii and a facility in Long Beach, California; the emissions put off by the transportation are offset by how the water is prepared and packaged.

The bottles they use take 85% less energy to manufacture and are made entirely from recycled plastics.

Fulfilling the third leg of the premise of the company, social responsibility, is fulfilled by the donations that Waiakea water makes to impoverished people in Africa. For every bottle that they sell they make a donation fo 650 ml of clean water through a partnership with PumpAid.

So far they have donated over 500 million liters of water to farmers and rural community members in Africa.

A Woman’s Guide To Healthier Hair Treatment

These days shampoo does not have the same appeal that it had in the past. People are more health conscious and expecting more value for the money they spend on hair care products. Better alternatives have been developed and they produce greater results. Read further and find out why cleaning conditioners have been sought after.

For the readers that don’t know cleaning conditioners, which others may associate with “no poo” shampooing were developed to improve on where shampoos fell short. As most people should know by now, shampoos contain toxic ingredients that can really damage the hair and scalp. If used repeatedly the user could suffer from hair loss and cancer. On the other hand, cleansing conditioners offer better options.

When used properly conditioners may rejuvenate hair effectively. Deep cleansing can be done without stripping the hair of what it needs. It doesn’t matter whether the hair is processed-colored, dry or damaged. Hair follicles and scalps will receive as much hydration as they need to grow healthy and strong. Good conditioners are free of sulphates and silicones. Users will find that by using this type of product consistently that less effort will be needed to strengthen the hair and restore it to a more youthful condition. The end result will be a more attractive and confident woman.

Recently an intelligent entrepreneur, Chaz Dean developed a brand called Wen by Chez. Based in Hollywood, CA the company is now a success dominating the hair care market in the area and satisfying the needs of Hollywood residents. What does that mean for individuals that are not up to speed on the brand and the benefits? A careful analysis of the product revealed that it is free of toxic ingredients like Sodium Lauryl and Diethanolamaine, which can cause cancer. The company’s exceptional reputation is owed to the natural fruit extracts in the cleaning conditioner, 60 day money back guarantee and U.S. based manufacturing.

As mentioned above shampoos have proven to be health hazards. Taking this into consideration, it is not hard to see why consumers are flocking to safer and healthier products like cleaning conditioners. Free of toxins and yet full of natural ingredients that give hair the nourishment it deserves thanks to brands like Wen by Chaz.

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Benefits of Hiring An Event Planner

If you’ve got a huge event coming up and don’t know where to start, you may have considered hiring an event planner. However, there are a few things to think about before finding a professional who can truly make your event come together. Keep these factors in mind to pull off your event successfully.


First, think about the reason why you want to have the event. Before you even think about how much the party will cost you, identify your objective for the celebration. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, want to throw an anniversary party for a loved one or are having a professional soiree to raise money for a charity, be clear on what you want to accomplish before hiring an event planner.


Next, determine exactly what you want the event planner to help you with. Do you need someone who will decorate the venue for you? Are you looking for an event planner who will find the venue for you? Are you searching for a professional who will book the entertainment for you? Once you know what you need an event planner for, you can get the services you need while staying within your budget.



Twenty Three Layers are the event planners in NYC that can help you pull off a event that people will be talking about for months to come. The company offers several services that will make your party and event professional and effective, such as branding services that will both promote the event and give your company a positive reputation.


Event planning companies in New York City like Twenty Three Layers can also provide all the entertainment and hosting services you need to make your event successful. The Twenty Three Layers team can also connect you with decorators and caterers who can provide the ambiance and meals that help to bring a successful event together. For additional information, visit